Find a House in Calgary

Temporary Housing

Upon arrival in Calgary, you and your family will likely be staying in temporary housing, either a hotel or a furnished apartment, until you have found a permanent home. If you would like more information on the temporary accommodation available to you, please contact the Shell HR department.

Renting a House

Shell has employed a relocation company to assist you in familiarizing yourself with the City and finding a home to rent. If you are coming to Calgary with children of school age and are planning to put them in the Public or Catholic school system (versus the Private school system), you will have to know the catchment or designated area of your selected school and locate housing in the appropriate area. For further details see Your Child in Calgary and the Inside Guide. If you do not have these already, please ask us for copies or download them from our library.

You can also find more information about housing at:

Calgary Real Estate Board
Rent Faster

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Relocating to Calgary