Nice to know

Electrical Conversion

The electrical current in Canada is 110/120Volt, 60Hz, so be sure to check your appliances. If your appliances only run on 220/230V, Glazier Electrics can help you with electric converters.

The Canadian television system is NTSC (region 1) so you will not be able to play non-North American DVDs or Blue-Rays on a North-American player and visa versa. This is also the case for game consoles.

The GSM frequency in Canada is 1900 MHz, while it is 900/1800 MHz in Europe, Asia and Australia. So, if you want to bring your cell phone, make sure to check if it has at least triple band possibility.

Medical System

If you need emergency medical assistance you can call the following: 911

Health Link Alberta

Health Link Alberta provides health advice and information to all Albertans. Access is 24 hour, 7 day a week and support is provided by experienced registered nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Anyone in Alberta with a health question or concern can call:


To view online health information visit

When you have a work permit, you can be enrolled in the Alberta Healthcare (AHC) system that covers your doctor's visits within Canada. Furthermore, all global Shell expatriates are insured via Cigna.

If you need to see to a doctor (and have no family doctor), you can go to one of the many walk-in-Clinics in Calgary. If the situation is urgent, you can go to one of the city's Urgent Care centres.

Family Doctors

You need a family doctor to make appointments in advance. If you would like a family doctor, you can contact Alberta Health Services to ask for a list of family doctors who are presently taking new patients.

Pets in Calgary

Within the city limits, cats and dogs are not allowed to run at large. They need to be licensed with the city or you may incur a significant fine. Call the city at 311 to get your pet licensed.

Pet owners are obliged to clean up after their dogs and keep them leashed. Pathways, sidewalks and parks are on-leash areas unless otherwise posted, but you will find many dedicated off-leash areas around the city.

If you need to leave your dog or cat at a kennel, it is recommended to arrange this far in advance, especially around Christmas and statutory holidays. If you prefer not to board your pet in a kennel, there are places that will sit your pet in your home or offer other arrangements. (Note that it can be difficult to get your pet in a kennel if it is not spayed/neutered)

Places of Worship

You can find numerous places of worship of all denominations in the four city quadrants.

The easiest way to find a church of your particular denomination is by consulting the church and religious organizations in the Yellow Pages, the Calgary Herald Faith section or the internet by browsing for Community Churches.