The School System in Calgary


Calgary offers a range of pre-school facilities, Early Childhood Services (ECS), for children younger than six years. Preschools accept children from the age of three, and they can be enrolled in Kindergarten from the age of four.

Formal Education

In the province of Alberta, it is mandatory to enroll your children at the age of six years. The school year usually begins the first week of September and finishes at the end of June with breaks at Christmas and in the spring. Children transferring from other countries to Alberta schools are placed in a school program according to their age and previous formal education (remember to bring school records, including course descriptions, for registration to help the placement process.

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The Calgary School system offers the International Baccalaureate Program (IB) or the Advanced Placement Program (AP) for high school students.

For more detailed information on schooling, please see Your Child in Calgary and the Inside Guide. both of which you can download from our library. Follow the Quicklink on our Home page.